Aneurysm Clips

Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II (T2) & Appliers

Sugita Titanium aneurysm Clip Ⅱ from Mizuho.
Revolutionizing aneurysm management.

Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II (T2) & Appliers
Sugita T2 Clips
Tomorrow’s aneurysm management is available today – embodied in
the new Sugita Titanium aneurysm Clip Ⅱ (T2).
Ultra-Slim Spring
Using cutting-edge technology available exclusively to Mizuho,
designers reduced the already ultra-low Sugita spring profile by 50%, giving surgeons unprecedented ease of handling and greater visibility of local anatomy.
Delicately Tapered Blade
A slim blade design with tapered tip allows a smooth approach into deeper, hard-to-reach surgical sites.
The finer blade and distal tip contributes to exposure of vital surrounding structures.
Widest Opening Available
The industry’s widest blade opening provides greater freedom of
movement when maneuvering the clip over the aneurysm neck, while
the exclusive Sugita bridgewire system prevents twisting.
MRI Compatibility
T2’s Titanium alloy offers excellent biological compatibility, durability and
wear resistance for permanent implantation. T2 are made of non-ferromagnetic material verified by ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3.
It is confirmed by the ASTM defined test method that they may be used without
influence by MRI up to 3T. Which is currently in clinical use.
Single Shaft Applier
For superior visibility and performance.
・Ultra low profile allows optimal visibility of operative site
・Support precise placement of Sugita titanium Aneurysm Clip II(T2)
・Meticulously milled jaw grooves help secure large and mini clip sizes


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