Aneurysm Clips

Anastmosis Clip & Applier

Anastmosis Clip & Applier

Mizuho Anastomosis Clip are dependable and made of Elgiloy for superior durability and spring elasticity.

Anastmosis Clip & Applier
Anastomosis Clip
Both high and low pressure clips are available with a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate various surgical approaches.
Closing force is measured 1.0mm from the distal tip of the blade when opened 1.0mm wide by computerized electronic gauge measuring equipment.
Dual Needle Holder
Two-in-One Instrument
Dual Needle Holder also act as micro forceps, so no need to switch between the two instruments making surgical procedures smoother.
Anastomosis Clip Applier
Two types of Applier
・Standard, Bayonet applier in 17.5cm length
・Straight, Short applier in 14.7cm length


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