Endoscopic Instruments

Endscopic Instruments (EVANS)

Endscopic Instruments (EVANS)

The gold standard in rotatable endoscopic and cranial neurosurgical instruments.

Endscopic Instruments (EVANS)
Instrument Set Benefit
・Ideal for endoscopic approaches to pituitary and micro neurosurgical procedures
・A solution for surgeons who prefer purely endoscopic or microscopic methods
・24 instruments for full range of choice
・Available in 11cm and 15cm length based or surgeon preference
Superior Design
・360˚ Fully Rotatable Shafts
・Axial bayonet for improved visualization
・Round easy-hold handles
・Balanced for comfort
・Safety prevents rotation when jaws are closed
Procedure Specific
・Endonasal pituitary surgery
・Expanded endonasal cranial base procedures
・Transcranial endoscopic (endo-port) surgery
・Microscopic cranial surgery
・Cranial base surgery


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