Operating Table MOT-VS500 Series

Operating Table MOT-VS500 Series

The MOT-VS500 series possess excellent accessible functions for imaging which ensure adequate sliding ranges. In addition, the table are standardly equipped with motorized Kidney Bridge.

Operating Table MOT-VS500 Series
Table top length / width
2133mm / 500mm
Tabletop elevation
DK: 635mm - 1090mm
SK: 635mm - 1090mm
Lateral tilt
DK: Right 20°Left 20°
SK: Right 20°Left 20°
DK/ SK: Head up 30°
DK/ SK: Head down 30°
Back section
DK/ SK: up to 90°
DK/ SK: down to 40°
Leg plate down / open
DK: 90°/ 90°
SK: 100°/ N/A
Flexing / Reflex angle
DK/ SK: 220°/ 90°
Kidney Bridge


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